STOP!   Get off!   Find your joy!

Did you swop your hamster wheel for a merry go round?

Pre-Covid we were in the rat race, running on the hamster wheel. Now many find themselves on a hamster wheel hanging on for dear life!

When on the hamster wheel we were facing forward, attempting to run in a specific direction. Now on the merry-go-round we are are spinning and hanging on to survive.

So many of of us are on a merry-go-round; except there is no “merry”.

How do you know if you are on a merry go round:

  • Are you grabbing at anything and everything?
  • Are your operating from a place of desperation?
  • Are you working harder and longer hours?
  • You thought this is necessary for a short period of time to achieve a certain goal – but there is no end in sight or end date
  • A must do or die “thing” that you started – you now feel trapped
  • You started thinking this is just a short term “push” – it will come to an end
  • Do you often find yourself in despair or “meh” as Adam grant puts it (see the TED video listed below)

Why do we feel guilty with being happy when so many others are suffering?

Being happy is one of the strongest motivators for us all. Some people feel joy or bliss can only be achieved after:

  • That big client is landed,
  • A financial goal is met or
  • Other substantial milestones are achieved
  • When….
  • If only…

Delayed gratification has its place, but you cannot afford to delay your:

  • Joy
  • Health
  • Family
  • Living life with purpose
  • ….

When we become engrossed with the plan, we forget to live, we forget to be joyous. Most of all, those who have joy feel guilty if they have a smile on their faces.  Many neglect to share the joy.

The bottom line is:

Share your smile, it is costs you nothing and it is contagious. The gift of your smile today might be the light at the end of a tunnel that someone around you desperately needs.

Keep smiling, it looks good on you!

Here are some resources that helped me

Ted Talk: Adam Grant 

Click here to watch the video

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Inc Article:

Perhaps your joy is being robbed. This article is about how to conquer the 5 thieves of joy.

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