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This DiSC assessment includes a 6 page report.

Understanding your personality style and how you operate in Public, at Home and during Change & Stress, is more than understanding your strengths and weaknesses. In order to build quality relationships, it is a good idea to understand how you really operate. From years of working with people and assessments, our focus is on empowering people rather than putting them in a box.

You won’t just receive a computer generated report, but also tips on how to raise or lower your strengths and weaknesses to ensure they serve you rather than hurt you. 

Understanding personality and behaviour is so liberating and empowering. Conflict is often due to people behaving differently to what is expected. How do we learn to connect and relate to people without losing our uniqueness or coming across falsely?

If you were judged by the quality of your relationships, how rich would you be? John Maxwell wrote about, “everyone communicates but few people connect” because connection is critical to communication. Daniel Kim writes about quality relationships taking 80% of the work which results in Quality thinking, Quality Action, and Quality Results; being the expression of the Quality Relationship.

Understanding personality can be complex, however, we have found a way to simplify and teach you how to connect with people and build quality relationships, without it being a stressor. We teach you about 4 basic personality styles, which keep really simple. We also teach you how to dial things up or dial things down; depending on your circumstances and what will serve you best

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