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The Coaches Online Toolbox

Live With Impact 12-Session Coaching Program

A coaches toolbox. Convenience at your fingertips.

Everything organised in one place for you. Helping you run the Live With Impact 12-Session Coaching Program.

    1. Each session clearly laid out with guide lines. 
    2. All tools in one place, at your fingertips, as you need them.
    3. Automated forms, saving you loads of admin time. Type/edit the forms during your coaching session with your client and the system will send an email of the pdf to both you and your client.
      Copies are not stored on the website system. The form reverts to blank as soon as you click “submit” ready to use with your next client.
    4. Easy listing of all the other coaching tools; ensuring they are at your fingertips for any open coaching session.

Where we can simplify and automate, we should – making coaching easier – so you can focus on coaching the change!

This initiative also encourages us to save the trees by reducing the need for printing 🙂

Digital – Simple – Efficient!

Access to this product requires your to complete training with Amanda and a monthly subscription. There are no limits as to how many clients you may coach using this automated system. The same low monthly price applies for 1 or more clients.


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