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#Canvas2024: My Life, My Way

Eradicate chaos, uncertainty, and adversity—welcome to a transformative journey where #Canvas2024 reshapes your life into a masterpiece of clarity, confidence, and triumph.

Be intentional! Be fully in control of your life!

Design your life, you get  to choose your colours and paint…

#Canvas2024: Your Life, Your Way: With the idea that life is a blank canvas and you get to creatively paint your life story, we are offering a personalised and tailored coaching experience designed to empower you on your unique journey toward unlocking full potential, navigating life’s challenges, and transforming your dreams into reality. Using a modular approach, together we will craft your 11-session coaching program (over 4 months) tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. 

What you get:

    1. ONE: Explore & Design Session: 1-1.5 hrs: Because one size does not fit all and we don’t want to have cozy conversations and “just wing it” with weekly topics that you bring!  Together we will explore your needs and design a coaching program specifically for you:
      • Analysis of what you think you need, potential, Extreme ____.
      • Explore and design and create ______.
      • Roadmap your audacious future.
    1. ELEVEN: Coaching Sessions: 1 hour: Based on your Roadmap from the Explore and Design session.
    2. Note: We will start off by meeting weekly, with breaks from time to time. Towards the end we will meet every 2-3 weeks. Unless you choose otherwise.
    3. You also receive a digital pdf of a #Canvas2024 monthly planner (26 pages). You have two designs to choose from.

Some popular and important Coaching sessions(modules or topics) that can be woven into your program are:

    1. DiSC Personality Assessment:
      Embark on the first step of your transformative journey by understanding yourself better. Through this liberating way of using a personality assessment, discover your strengths, and unique traits. This exploration sets the stage for leveraging your strengths and addressing areas for growth, liberating you rather than putting you in a box. We have a very different way of empowering you through information gleaned from this assessment. E.g. how you managed stress and change…. 
    2. Deep Dive into Personal Core Values:
      Align your life with purpose through a profound exploration of your Personal Core Values. Discover your top 20 and the power of your top 5. This module helps you define and embrace anchors that become your guide for authentic decision making, empowering you for saying yes AND saying no…
    3. Say Goodbye to Say Hello:
      Release the past and make space for new opportunities. Possibly get rid of a secret self that is sabotaging you. This module can also focus on letting go of limiting beliefs, outdated habits, and unproductive thought patterns, empowering you to say goodbye to what no longer serves you and welcome positive change. We could also deal with failures and moving you forward…
    4. How to Deal with Toxic Behaviour:
      Equip yourself with tools to navigate challenging relationships and toxic behaviours. Learn strategies for setting boundaries, fostering healthy communication, and cultivating resilience in the face of negativity, ensuring your well-being in various interpersonal dynamics. Perhaps you have toxic behaviour towards yourself… Ultimately equipping you to take charge of building quality relationships, with self and with others…
    5. Ride the Waves of Change:
      Adapt gracefully to life’s inevitable shocks and changes. Gain insights into the psychology of change and practical tools to navigate transitions smoothly. Embrace change, view challenges as opportunities, and build resilience to thrive in dynamic environments. Learn to thrive and ride the waves of change!
    6. Performance Coaching:
      Optimise your personal and/or professional performance with a strategic approach. This module could include goal setting, time management, and effective decision-making, fostering a mindset of continuous improvement, efficiency and pursuing “Intentional Excellence with Brilliant Execution”
    7. Dreams to Reality:
      Turn your dreams into reality with a systematic approach. We look at yoru dreams and then some… Then we make what feels impossible, possible. Empower yourself to set achievable goals, create action plans, and overcome obstacles on the path to realising your dreams. Combine inspiration with practical strategies, etc…
    8. Emotional Intelligence: Navigate life’s complexities with emotional intelligence. Develop the skills to understand your emotions effectively, enhance relationships, and learn how to use your emotions to make better decisions. Managing emotions is not having a high EQ, or practicing self control. We are talking about leanring to effecting identify, listen to and use your emotions couple with easy to apply Neuroscience.

Say goodbye to chaos, uncertainty, and adversity with Canvas2024. Let’s fast-track your design session, shaping a life filled with clarity, confidence, and triumph. Purchase Canvas 2024 to embark on your transformative journey towards clarity, confidence, and triumph.

Your masterpiece awaits – embrace Canvas2024 and step into a world of boundless possibilities today!

#Canvas2024: My Life, My Way

Helping you “live your best life ever!

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